Cisco Software-Defined Access

This is a Lab Rental page for SD-Access Training of Orhan Ergun.

We Offer a Fully Built Cisco Software Defined Access to On-demand Lab Infrastructure with real hardware, the latest software, and licensing. Cisco Software Defined Access architecture is designed to meet the IT transformation goals around simplicity, operational effectiveness, and security. This architecture provides an open, software-driven platform that integrates critical innovations in networking software, such as virtualization, automation, analytics, and cloud, into a unified architecture for wired, wireless and remote access.

Rentals are available from 3 days to 1 Year.

Cisco Software-Defined Access Labs Pricing

3 Day Plan

$350/3 days
Version 2.2.X
1 X C9300/3800 (Border)
1 X C9300/3800/3600 (Leaf)
1 X CSR1000v (Border)
1 X DNA2 Appliance
1 X 2700/3700 Access Point
1 X Cisco ISE
1 X Jump Box
1 X WLC 9800

Cisco SDA Topology

Hardware Specifications

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